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Testimonials of foreign and domestic customers who use SK8INSOLL® figure skating insoles:

Here are some of the experiences of skaters around the world from the age of 6 who have improved foot pain, boot problems, poor spin rotation, and overall skating with SK8INSOLL®.


I couldn't practice because my heel bone protruded so much that it hurt. We tried different sizes and brands of skates to relieve the foot pain and looked for a well-known sports physician in Europe, but couldn't find a solution. With the use of SK8INSOLL® , and the improved use of the ankles and hip joints, the pain gradually subsided and I was able to get on the podium at last year's national competition. Thank you very much.

(Netherlands / National Junior champion)

スクリーンショット 2019-09-29 20.11.07.png

Plantar Fascia Pain

When I practiced, my soles became numb and painful, and I couldn't practice for a long time. After using SK8INSOLL®️, I was able to increase my practice and quality this season because my feet no longer became numb and I didn’t have to take a rest in the summer training camp.

ーMeriam S

​(Austria / National Junior Champion)


Flat feet and 

X Leg improved 

I have been taken care of by Ryoko Natori for over 5 years since I was 6 years old. I was taught self-care, but I couldn't get enough time to make it into a habit. I thought that in order to continue skating in the future, I need to improve my flat feet and X legs, so training shoes and school shoes also use insoles with custom materials and shape. With SK8INSOLL®, I was able to improve my flat feet and X-legs considerably, and I was told that I was lucky to meet a famous podiatrist in Tokyo in an undeveloped Japanese sports insole situation by chance. We are very grateful to be able to receive the SK8INSOLL®️ service in North America and with EU standards and the technology developed by Olympic skaters in Japan.


​(Japan/Level 5)


 Gained speed

Knee doesn't go inward 

The moment I bought SK8INSOLL®️, my daughter's skating was about three times faster at one time and I was surprised. Also, the sharpness of the steps has improved, and you can now receive Level 4 and GOE Plus. She overcame flat feet with low arches like a typical Japanese, but I think it would have been easier to learn 2A and triple if I used SK8INSOLL®️ sooner.


​(Japan/Level 6


Wrinkles and Breaking of Boots

After starting to practice triple axel and quadruples, the Edea Ice Fly boots broke once every two weeks, the boots wrinkled, the support capacity was lost, and I could not continue training unless I replaced them with new ones. After using SK8INSOLL®️, boots now last more than six months. I don't have to change boots before competitions, and I can save on boots and focus more on practice.


((Switzerland / National Junior champion))


Knee Injury

Aquired Triple Lutz

Although I have earned reputations for high jumps from childhood, I had knee problems when I started to practice triples, and so I  couldn't get good results in every competition. I found SK8INSOLL®️ on SNS and went to Germany to make custom-made figure skating insoles. Looking at the results of AI walking / posture analysis and skating motion analysis when making SK8INSOLL®️, it was clear that the ankle could not be used effectively and mostly hip joints were used to jump. When rebuilding the SK8INSOLL®  once a year, they use AI analysis to check how to make a position for the jump leg-crossing air position and  normal posture. My high arched foot has also improved considerably and knee pain was gone. Triple Lutz is now in the short programs consistently, and I hope that this season I can continue to practice consistently with the goal of participating in the World Championships.

ーAmanda H

​(Canada/Competed in International Senior


O Leg improved

2A Under-rotation problem solved

I have been skating for more than 10 years, but I gradually developed bow legs, and I was worried because posing on skates was bad and it was not beautiful in my daily life. I gave up as if it was already late, but when I started using SK8INSOLL® ️ and selecting high quality shoes that have European support, and started using them, the legs improved about half in six months. . By using SK8INSOLL®️, the double Axel can be turned easily, and the triple has stabilized, so my motivation to challenge level 7 has increased.


​(Japan/Level 6)


Easier to do brackets and counters

Since using SK8INSOLL®️, I can skate much steadier. I made difficult turns such as brackets and counters easier and passed the test. I became more confident that I could continue skating even when I was older, making skating even more fun.

ーDeborah H



Long Coaching Hours

I am high-arched and usually wear hospital-made insoles in my usual shoes, but I couldn't find any orthotics or insoles for skating boots. Since I started using SK8INSOLL®️ as a coach, my long hours of instruction on ice have improved my soles and lower back pain, making my instruction easier than ever.




Back Pain For Years

I consulted with my club physiotherapist about using SK8INSOLL®️ to reduce pain. I was skeptical that SK8INSOLL®️ would be effective for back pain, but I've been practicing for the World Championship this season without having to take any practice time off like last season.


​(Finland/National Senior Champion)


 Aquired 2A

Better edge control 

The 2A, which had been difficult for my daughter until now, has been able to fly cleanly and stably without fail after inserting the SK8INSOLL®️. The previous insole made by the person with a ski background had an arch structure that was fairly flat, and I could not see the effect of putting the insole so much. She stopped using it. Also, if she didn't bend her ankle well, she would tend to put more weight on the heels with a wobbly result. However, since she began to use SK8INSOLL®️, my daughter can add and remove parts according to the condition at the time, so I can DIY the insole easily for best result and feel.


​(Japan/Level 6



Was able to raise the rank at the Olympics

My hallux valgus hurt and toes were numb, but since I started using SK8INSOLL®️, my toes can be used freely in shoes for more delicate movements during steps and jumps. I was able to land triple-triple combinations in the short program, which had been a struggle until now, so I moved up in the World Championships and the Olympics.

ーNicole S


World Championship, Olympic

※ These are only individual impressions.
It does not indicate the effect or efficacy.
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