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Based on AI analysis results

Depending on the shape and purpose of figure skating

Customize parts and shapes

Create insole for skating

(International patent pending)


Skating Insoles Package

SK8INSOLL®︎ A.I. Gait&Posture Analysis Custom Insoles

Analyze AI (Artificial Intelligence) posture and walking
Create skate insoles
32,500 yen + tax

Available only with SK8INSOLL®︎

Midfoot support figure skating insoles

(Patent pending)

In order to support the foot with high heel skates, it is necessary to have a figure skating specific method that supports the middle part of the foot (scaphoid, cubic, cuneiform).

<Joint research with Olympic athletes>

To optimally support each athlete's midfoot, SK8INSOLL®︎ has repeatedly studied biomechanics experiments with Olympic athletes.

<Keep your feet straight>

Midfoot support allows you to keep your feet properly aligned over the blades.


<Wobble prevention>

They can also reduce the tendency of the knee from falling inside. Because the ankle is stable, they can help prevent knee and lower back pain, injury and skating wobble.

<Improve jumping power>

You will be able to stand upright over the blades, which will help to reduce under-rotation of jumps and increase speed. Some novice skaters can use skate insoles to achieve triples more and more. (For details, see the examples )


Based on AI walking and posture analysis

Measurement of foot, posture and walking

Perform AI (Artificial Intelligence) walking and posture analysis, find out your foot habits and challenges.

In order to master your jumping and skating skills, you must first find out what the problem or habit is, such as whether you have flat-feet or high arches.


This is the first SK8INSOLL®︎ introduced in Japan,

AI foot / gait / posture measurement results based on podiatry and sports biomechanics.

Access and analyze big data from university research institutions in minutes.


By utilizing "Sennogait AI posture / gait analysis device", such body measurement analysis is possible. The analysis shows:

1) Insole parts prescription

2) The most important part of fascia release and stretching

3) weakness of muscles and movement

4) potential long term risk factors


It measures the foot pressure of walking and gliding.

* Foot pressure measurement of gliding can be performed only on skating rinks where the link environment can be measured in Japan.

From AI analysis results

Creating a skate insole

Based on the results of AI analysis, depending on the condition on the feet of skate insole

Prescribe parts. (International patent pending)

AI analysis is essential for insole design because it requires scientific evidence to determine the combination of the three elements.

<Three important elements for making insoles>

1. Materials and their combinations

2. Shape

3. How to apply reinforcement and its purpose


※The photograph is an image.

The strength of SK8INSOLL®︎ is that you can fully understand why your insole supports such a structure / foot. This is a strong point because it explains the habits and characteristics of the feet while looking at the analysis results.

1. I want to understand the current state of my body and feet with objective figures.

In order to overcome a difficulty and and find out the cause of the injury, it is most important that the family members as well as the athlete know the specific conditions together.


Skaters who don't understand their own body can't figure out who needs to be supported. This can lead to repeated injuries and continued practicing jumps that are too difficult and frustrating.


The main task of the coach is to teach skating skills and strategies to win the game, and it is impossible to take responsibility for solving the skater's physical challenges.


But with just the numerical data from the analysis, you can share it with doctors, trainers, and coaches and work together to support the skater!


2. Diagnosis of foot and posture is different depending on the insole creator, and I do not know how the insole has helped me.

Generally, insole craftsmen make insoles with their own experience. Therefore, even if you ask the reason for attaching parts, the reason for selecting the material, the reason for determining the shape, etc., a scientific and clear answer will not be returned.


To solve this, SK8INSOLL®︎ can measure the correction data of the insole used now.


Even insoles used by famous players have no meaning unless their effectiveness can be demonstrated.

Insole making which requires medical qualification in Europe can be sold without qualification in Japan. For this reason, there are many cases in Japan where people who do not have knowledge of medicine or sports science make insoles and even mention the names of diseases and injuries.


3. I want to take responsibility only because it is an insole for injury prevention and performance improvement.


Regardless of who made the insole anywhere in the world, the Sennogait system was introduced and the parts recipe was patterned in order to finish it with the same standards. As you can compare the results of the analysis, it is clear at a glance what kind of foot improvement has been made by using the insole.


We created a system that allows users to understand information, functions, and support effects.

(International patent pending)


If you haven't been comfortable using any of the insoles until now, if you want to try the real thing, or if you want to be able to ride on the edge more, please try SK8INSOLL®︎.

The foot and problem solving course is ideal if you want to receive skater-specific fascia release guidance based on AI analysis results as well as insole creation.

Click here if you want a professional to measure your feet, or if you want a custom-made figure skating insole!

There are remote purchase type and store visit type products.

Can be purchased online

For figure skating boots only

Made-to-order foot 3D insoles

August 2021 Now on sale


You will receive at your home a box with a special foot mold. Please take the foot shape and return the box to us.


We read the foot shape with 3D-CAD and manufacture an insole that fits your foot perfectly.


We will deliver it by mail. No visit is required.



2021 September
Scheduled to be released

The premium skate insole that measures foot pressure while skating and sends the measurement result data to a podiatrist specializing in gait analysis in Australia

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