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Foot problem solving course

Triple Axel Service


59,000 yen + tax

From AI diagnosis results includes:

Tailored figure skating insoles

Customized myofascial release recommendations

Myofascial release tool set

AI walking/posture analysis shows which muscles are weak or tight.
Did you know that in North America, information on muscles that are weak and potential pain and injury locations is already used to create fascia and conditioning menus.
In the Foot Problem Solving Course, fascia release and self-care menu creation are performed in addition to insole creation. this is to solve that skater’s body maintenance and performance challenges.
By simply treating the skater’s specific fascia based on AI assessment, athletic skills will be greatly enhanced. 

For those who have the following problems

“Foot and problem solving course” is recommended.

1 flat feet, high insteps, O-legs, and X-legs

2 Those who need to bump the boot every time when the foot bone hits

3 injuries or pain in the knees, hips, ankles, etc.

4 low jumps, under-rotation, take-off edge error deductions

5 slow speed, wobbly skating, low skating skill component score

6 little progress on jumps for more than one year where the cause is not understood

7 medical or hospital made insoles that are not suitable for skates

8 uncertainty about suitability of running or other sport insole for skating


Based on AI analysis results Advice on fascia release

Using AI analysis, we identify areas at risk and provide advice on how to improve gliding and jumping based on the results, how to release the fascia, and how to strengthen weak muscles. This fascia release method has been developed together with Olympic skaters and Olympic coaches around the world. (Including fascia release tool set)


Fascia release roller


Fascia release ball


For fascia release

Emu oil


Fascia Release Fish


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