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Skate insoles that protect childrens' feet from beginner level

The skating changes
when you insert the insole!

10,780 JPY (tax included)


If you are new to insoles or are far away, please feel free to try it!

Easy purchase with one click! We will deliver it by courier.

Just remove the insole of your current shoes and replace the SK8INSOLL®︎ you received!

There are many skaters who have such troubles.


Jumps are low

It will run out of rotation

Low jumps that crawl on the ground

>>Just deduct points


It hurts when it hits the bone

It hurts when I skate because the protruding bone hits my skates


Lutz is easy to get in with Knock-knee

Difficult to take off on outside edge


Flat feet

Heel bones pronation

Only wide shoes can fit

​There are few skates that fit

Do you know?
Figure skating puts dozens of times more strain on your feet.
Are your child's feet okay?


Skating practice and skills are not the only things you can do to get beautiful jumps.
In most cases, the cause is the alignment of the foot.


You can diagnose your feet for free.

First, check the condition of your feet.


The cause of the problem was ... There was a secret in high-heeled skates!



Among high-heeled skates, the structure in which the arch rises above the state of athletic shoes or barefoot is called the "windras mechanism". In high heels, the middle of the foot (midfoot) rises and a large load is applied to a part of the foot.


People who don't need insoles in their regular shoes, but those who wear figure skates or high heels need "midfoot support" to keep their feet aligned.

Elementary school students and beginners can also use the insoles for figure skating to support their feet from an early stage!



Jumps get higher
No error edges
Speed up
Can be used even if you have foot pain

If you want to use it, this insole is made exclusively for figure skating!

10,780 JPY(tax included)

Use SK8INSOLL®︎ to buy insoles for figure skating. The reason is!?


Sports biomechanics research

Demonstration experiment with podiatrist, university professor, medical device manufacturer

Collaborative with Olympian


Based on sports biomechanics, which dynamically captures and elucidates the movement of sports, we have been developing insoles with scientific evidence.


We have been conducting sports biomechanics demonstration experiments in collaboration with academic institutions. All the effects of the insoles have been numerically proven.


The skater understands the feelings of the skater best. After a lot of trial and error with a Canadian Olympic figure skater, the SK8INSOLL®︎ was completed.

SK8INSOLL®︎ was also used by many Pyeongchang Olympic athletes

Two months after I met SK8INSOLL®︎, I got 3 + 3 in my short program at the Olympics!
The landing edge of the first toe loop now flows + the outside edge of the combo toe loop railroad crossing is stable

Nicole Rajicova / New York-born Olympic figure skater

met SK8INSOLL®️ two months before the Olympics. As soon as you put it on, it has a better grip and improves skating skills. The edge can now be tilted deeper, and the contact patch against ice has increased. The railroad crossing of the jump was much more controlled, and I was able to slide faster. I have tried various insoles, and have done various manipulative treatments and training, but this is the first time I have felt such a big improvement.
At the 2019 World Championships, I had an insole made at a hotel in Tokyo and ran a test run at the Jingu Skating Link!

Start your comfortable skating experience with SK8INSOLL®️ AXEL!


You who have read this far! Even if you don't buy skate insoles now, take home a free foot diagnosis.


First, check the condition of your feet.

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