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Special advice is available several times each year.

Reservations for special advice by professional skater and physiotherapists available several times a year.

Limited time menu


The following three programs are available for your use.

1. Individual training program creation

2. Examination / competition preparation

3. Gary Beacom Video Consulting


Individual training program creation

▶︎Injury relief / prevention program

▶︎Flat foot and X leg solution program

​▶︎Lower body enhancement program

▶︎Boots and shoes problem solving program

Program Contents:

1. Consultation for us to learn details of the problem to be solved

2. Menu creation and advice 2-3 times for problem solving (about 3 hours)

3. Checking achievement status

4. Providing next steps

Fee: 59,000 yen + tax (payable at the time of booking) Advice outside of the designated location in Tokyo, Toronto, and Oberstdorf may require extra travel expenses and venue fee.

To solve specific problems, we will use sports biomechanics measuring instruments to find out the causes of injuries and physical function problems and provide training programs.

This is a program that you can implement daily. You can refer to a specialized trainer, but it is different from continuous personal training on an hourly basis, and is intended for those who want to solve problems on their own.

2. Examination / competition preparation

▶︎3rd, 6th and 7th grade test preparation menu


▶︎Competition preparation menu

▶︎Triple axel and quadruple rotation menu

Menu Contents:

1. Exercise and body measurement in addition to hearing about the problem to be solved

2. Menu creation and advice for problem solving based on measurement results 3-5 times (about 6 hours)

3. Monitoring achievement progress

4. Suggestions for solving next issues if necessary


Price: 108,000 yen + tax (payable at the time of reservation)

Advice outside designated locations in Tokyo, Toronto and Oberstdorf may require extra travel expenses and venue fees.

This menu is a program to increase strength and power through a range of motioin to achieve each goal. We create training and conditioning programs and put them into action plans to get your body into the best condition and eliminate anxiety to achieve your goals.

Rather than skating skills, it is a special program to increase body fitness and mind concentration by conditioning and adjusting the body, overcoming weak physical movements, and visualizing tasks.

It is offered for a limited time and quantity.

There is no particular restriction on the age or level of attendance, as long as your family can support them. However, if you are under 4th grade, try the individual program creation menu first.

* The triple axel / quad course is a course that is usually assisted by a coach for junior / senior skaters on the skating rink in Oberstdorf. In

some cases, it is necessary to use an instrument on ice to perform the measurement, so it may not be accepted depending on the location.

3. Gary Beacom Video Consulting

Get advice directly from the legendary Olympic skater from Canada, who is still active in competitions and shows.

1. Identify the issues you want to solve and send a video

2. Advice on why the problem arises and how to solve it will be answered with "practice video" + "evaluation sheet"

3. We can provide consulting on ice in Tokyo / Toronto / Oberstdorf (Not a skate coach lesson. If the schedule is not correct, we may not be able to meet your request. Please note that this is a consultation in which the problem is subdivided, issues are extracted, and the solution steps are presented.)


One element (5 videos): 9,800 yen + tax

2-3 elements (12 videos): 19,800 yen + tax

Overall program (short and long): 29,900 yen + tax

Evaluation and consultation on ice: 15,000 yen + tax per hour

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