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Exclusive figure skating insole with mid-foot support


International patent pending

We create a custom insole for figure skating boots from AI gait and posture analysis


leading the world in figure skating podiatry and biomechanics

New release
in 2021

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A new problem is emerging

Aging through sports injuries


Younger and younger skaters are practicing double axels and triple jumps instead of spending hours and years dedicated to improving basic skating skills and building strength and alignment. For predictability and consistency in jump attempts, it is necessary to refine stability and reduce random balance fluctuations.


Skaters who throw themselves into the air without the necessary skating skill mastery are prone to pain and injuries caused by repeated poor technique and also to accidents caused by unexpected landing positions. 

I can't win if I can't jump


More and more young people are flying double axles and three turns. Therefore, in order to win the game, you must have time to practice jumping on the ice. Therefore, the practice time of skating is cut.

​In order to make a difficult jump, it is essential to speed up and slide smoothly. Basically, basic training to learn how to control and balance the feet will take years.


Increasing the number of jumping exercises without sufficient basic exercises will increase the burden on the ankles, knees, and hips and increase injuries. Also, if you practice double or triple before you improve your skating, insufficient rotation and winding will occur, and you will not be able to get enough height and speed.

Scientific analysis by researchers Deborah King, PhD., and her colleagues confirms the amount of height and technical sophistication necessary to perform triples and quads, and the prevalence of joint injuries in figure skaters that lead to hip surgeries. Stability and alignment can be improved to a large extent by using our figure skating insoles to enhance performance and reduce the risk of injury.

A solution to the problem surrounding these new skaters,

We have been sought by coaches and players around the world.

The result was

SK8INSOLL®︎ for injury prevention and performance improvement (Skate insole)

mid-foot support for figure skating Insole.

International patent pending

Supports toe
Supports outside, inside and horizontal arches

◎ Toe support

✖️ Support for heels

Figure skating is very different from walking.There is mostly no heel strike, but rather we step on the middle of the blade. We land jumps on the toe pick.

・ Does not land on heel

・ Jump landing on toes

・ The whole blade touches the ice instantly


So figure skating requires special mid support.

・ Middle part of foot

・ Support for the ball that supports landing

・ Keep out of the knee

Long-term practicing with high heels for growing children places a heavy burden on the feet, knees and hips, and may cause hallux valgus, deformed feet and injuries in the future .

<Reduce stress on ankle>

Whether you slide, jump or spin on the back, it keeps straight against the blade and fits snugly. Improves figure skaters' shoe rubbing and bone contact.


<Prevention of knee and back pain and injury>

A major feature is that the foot that serves as the base is stable and reduces the burden on the knees and hips. This prevents chronic knee and back pain experienced by most skaters.

<Prevention of stickiness>

Insoles that prioritize mid foot support prevent the knee from moving inside into a misaligned and weak position

◎ Middle support
It is not ideal to use a heel support insole for skating.

◎Performance improvement insoles for skaters.

Using Italian company Sensor Medica's monitoring equipment for biomechanics experiments.

Proper support using SK8INSOLL insoles can improve alignment, stability, power, and jump landings in particular, as well as reduce the susceptibility to pain and injury. This has been verified quantitatively using scientific research.

No support

SK8INSOLL®︎ Scientific & High Quality Services

AI posture and gait analysis for skeletal and muscular status report.


Verification with SK8INSOLL®︎ sports biomechanics experiments and scientific data


SK8INSOLL®︎ has been developing skate insoles with engineers from Canada, France and Japan for more than 15 years since the company was established.

Insoles and podiatry are still new disciplines in North America.  Therefore, SK8INSOLL started sports biomechanics experiments in cooperation with medical device manufacturers, universities, and government research institutes .

World-class players and coaches

SK8INSOLL®︎ has been a favorite of skaters in more than 30 countries. Not only Pyeongchang Olympic Pairs Champion, and US Pairs champion, but also all levels of athletes are benefitting from SK8INSOLL figure skating insoles.​

As we sell goods and services around the world, we are well aware of the characteristics and problems of Asian and Japanese skaters’ feet.


Aljona Savchenko

2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Pair Champion


Nicole Rajkova,

5 times Slovakian Champion

Use cases by players around the world

See case studies

European standards for quality and material safety

"I will not sell anything that does not help my skating."

It is the motto of SK8INSOLL®︎ operated by active skaters.

We use only materials with certified safety data.


Insoles get wet from sweat and can expose skin to toxins. Insoles sold in Japan have not been tested for bio-compatibility.

European material manufacturers with whom SK8INSOLL®︎ does business have obtained certifications such as ISO14001 and ISO9001.


The trend in the European insole industry is to use entirely organic and natural materials. However, domestic insole and shoe manufacturers have not kept up with that level at all.


In sports that pursue beauty like figure skating

SK8INSOLL®︎ believes that the materials worn by the child every day should be valued.


Reach your true potential with SK8INSOLL figure skating insoles.

Cut pain, worries and wasted time with  skate insoles and concentrate

on ice practice and lessons!


Create SK8INSOLL®︎ skate insoles now!

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